Accurate Affordable Dimensional Weighing

Walz Dimensional Weighing & Scanning System

Static Dimensioning and Weighing System

The SPS "Static Package Scanner" system is ideal for shipping, POS desk, warehouse operations, and any organizations looking for an accurate, affordable dimensional weighing system.  This unique dimensioning system, combines affordable pricing and efficient, reliable dimensioning capabilities into on single unit.

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Dimensional Weighing Scanning Unit

Integrated Dimensional Weighing & Scanning

The SPS System incorporates industrial grade sensors that produce accurate dimensional measurements for many different packages. Unlike some dimensional weighing and cubing systems, the advanced system is designed to allows for reliable and accurate operation in rough industrial and shipping station applications.  

Dimensional Scanning

Dimensional Scanning & Weighing Scale Integration

The SPS dimensional scanning and weighing system incorporates a high precision industrial grade scale system that delivers high accuracy weights for every package.   Each system utilizes NTEP Approved load cells to ensure high accuracy dimension weight; while the industrial steel construction delivers dependable operation in the most rugged of conditions.

Digital Devices for Dimensional Weighing Equipment

Advanced Interface Applications

The SPS dimensional scanning ystem includes advanced operational software designed to run on most any standard windows device.  This integrated software application provides users with a very intuitive, flexible capabilities for interfacing to existing shipping and warehousing systems. Your team can now easily operate and interface your dimensional and weight data directly into your existing software platforms.

USPS/FedEx/DHL/USPS dimensional weight compliance

Dimensional Scanning Device

Dimensional Scanning Interface

Further automate your dimensional weighing process by incorporating a scanner.  The SPS System allows for the integration of a multitude of scanners from many different makes and models.

Dimensional Weighing & Scanning Camera

Camera Interface

Add a high definition camera to your SPS dimensional weighing and scanning system to capture and store image files for every package.