Dimensional Volumetric Load Scanning

Dimensional Weighing Load Scanner

Dimensional Volumetric Load Scanner 

The WLS Load Scanner System is an innovative development for the improvement of volumetric load measurement.  This new technology enables operations to accurately and efficiently track and manage the actual material volumes carried in open top vehicles.  The system utilizes high accuracy laser scanners to scan the vehicles load while the vehicle is in motion.  This dynamic or in-motion scanning allows operations to track production without disruption to daily work flow.

Volumetric Dimensional Scanning Equipment

Load Scanner System Components 

The WLS Load Scanner will arrive to your door fully configured and ready to install.  The standard load scanner system is comprised of the following components 

-  Load Scanner Head

- Power supply with network switch

- Windows tablet

- Installation & Operation Instructions 

The fully configured load scanner allows operations to install the system in a couple of hours, reducing overall system costs and allowing for same day operation of the system.  Initial dimensioning and cubing system support is provided if requested and can be provided with an onsite visit or via remote login over the internet.

dimensional weighing scanning volume system

Load Scanner Site Requirements 

The following are the site requirements for power and communication of the load scanner system:

- 115VAC or 12VDC power source

- Hard wire Ethernet cable or WiFi network

- Mounting location for the scanner system

portable volume load scanner system

Permanent or Portable Load Scanner Operation 

Our goal was to provide a load scanner system that was flexible enough to meet a variety of applications.  Based on our design of the system our customers can choose to permanently mount the system in a fixed location or use the system in a portable configuration.  The following configurations are available.

- Permanent installation

- Semi-Permanent installation

- Portable truck mounted

- Portable trailer mounted

load scanner rfid technology

Unattended Vehicle Identification

Vehicles can be scanned without the need for operator intervention if our RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) system is incorporated into the volume dimension weighing system.  This RFID technology is comprised of an RFID reader (located at the load scanner) and small RFID tags (that are mounted to each truck).  When the vehicle approaches the scanner, the RFID reader will read the truck mounted tag and automatically operate the scanner to capture the vehicle scan, driver identification, material carried + much more.  

empty dimension weighing scan image

Empty Vehicle Load Scan Images

After the vehicle has exited the load scanner, the system will generate empty scan images for your records.  These images can be a very useful tool for managing carry-back in the beds of the trucks.

Dimension Scanning Load Imagery

Loaded Vehicle Scan Images

High definition 3D images are also produced for every loaded scan.  These images are generated in real time and can be included on every load ticket.  Providing a visual representation of every load, this tool is also ideal for managing load position and improving overall loading operation for your trucks.

Image of Roll Off Scale System

Load Scanner for Your Trucks

The Load Scanner has been designed and tested to accurately scan most types of open top vehicles From Semi Tractor Trailer Trucks to Large Off-Road Mining Trucks.

Volume Load Scanner

Load Tickets

Load tickets or "load receipts" are generated for all loaded scans.  Within the load scanner system settings you can choose to email or print these load tickets in real time.  The included load images are ideal for a visual representation of the load and improved customer acceptance. These load tickets can include the following data at your request.  Carried Volume - Net Payload - Gross Vehicle Weight - 3D Load Images