In-Motion Cubing & Dimensioning Systems

In-motion Cubing System

Dynamic Package Cubing Systems

The IMPS "in-motion package scanner" is a dynamic or in-motion cubing system designed to provide real time package dimensions on conveyors.  Our industrial grade design allows operations to incorporate dimensional weighing equipment or cubing scanner system directly to their existing conveying system.  For operations looking to increase throughput and reduce operating costs, we also provide turn key cubing systems for the automation of your shipping and manifest systems.

Download the IMPS specification sheet 

IMPS Cubing System

Conveyor-based In-Motion Cubing Systems

As one of the industry's lead conveyor-based in-motion cubing systems, the IMPS utilizes field proven laser scanners to achieve high accuracy dimensional data at high belt speeds.  While the small form factor allows for reduced installation costs and enables operations to integrate their dimensional system into existing conveyor configurations.

In-motion Cubing System for Conveyor

In-Motion Cubing and Weighing 

The IMPS System provides the automation needed for warehousing or shipping operations requiring high accuracy cubing and weighing functionality.  Our cubing systems are capable of high speed operations for demanding applications.  The system operates either as a standalone or easily integrates into existing conveyor systems.  This system utilizes primarily off the shelf components rather than proprietary controllers, giving you the ability to source replacement components locally.


- Real-time cubing for freight and inbound manifest

- High speed / high accuracy shipping applications

- UPS/FedEX/DHL/USPS dimensional weight compliance


Dynamic Cubing System

Turnkey Cubing & Manifest Systems 

Our goal is to be your single source supplier for complete receiving, shipping and manifest cubing systems with integrated cubing and weighing functionality.  Below are a few of the tools that we integrate into our turnkey solutions.

- Barcode readers

- Checkweighers

- Vision systems

- Print and apply

- Sortation systems

- Robotic systems