Dimensional Weighing | Static Dimensioning and Weighing Systems
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Static Dimensioning and Weighing Systems

Static Dimensioning and Weighing Systems

The entire line of SPS “Static Package Scanner” systems are ideal for shipping, POS desk, warehouse operations like shipping and receiving, and any organization looking for an accurate and affordable dimensional weighing system. These unique dimensioning systems combine affordable pricing and efficient, reliable dimensioning capabilities. The SPS and SPS XL utilize ultrasonic sensors and an integrated scale platform, that revolutionized dimensioning. The SPS 3D is an image based dimensioner for customers looking to measure odd and irregular shapes, as well as traditional packaging. The SPS MT is designed to work with customer’s existing Mettler Toledo BC-60 and PS-60 scale platforms for simple and affordable integration with carrier supplied shipping systems.

Walz SPS 4C dimensional scale


Rice Lake iDimension Walz SPS 3D dimensional scanner with scale


walz sps mt dimensional scale assembled front view


dimensional measurements for boxes


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