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Static Dimensioning & Weighing Systems

Our unique solutions can be used for small parcel shipping to avoid carrier surcharges, or for inbound receiving to assist with WMS put-away business rules. Multiple systems are available that can work with existing scale hardware, compliment existing systems, or for mobile data collection. All are budget friendly solutions to help you realize a faster return on investment than the competition.

In-Motion Cubing & Dimensioning Services

Our dynamic or in-motion cubing systems are designed to provide real time dimensions for conveyable products from packages to pallets. From turnkey small parcel automated shipping and receiving systems, to custom in-line dimensioning, we can accommodate most applications. Let our solutions experts discuss your application today.

Pallet & Large Freight Dimensioning Systems

Accurate dimensions for pallets and large freight are important for proper truck load management, WMS put-away business rules, and negotiating rates and fees with TL/LTL carriers. Our unique RVSS pallet wrapping scanner integrates into your existing environment adding dimensioning without increasing processing time.

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We provide solutions to the challenges organizations face in finding affordable and accurate dimensioning solutions.  Our singular focus is dedicated to sharing these dimensional weighing solutions with customers like you.

Sometimes the simplest things are the hardest to find.  So we created an easy way for you to research, discuss and find them all on one site.

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