Dimensional Weighing | iDimension PWD
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iDimension PWD

iDimension PWD

The iDimension PWD dimensioner and scale system is empowering users to identify the correct freight class and reduce the risk of non-compliance fees from carriers, and provides shippers with the dimensions and weight of palletized shipments. Ensure invoiced freight charges are accurate at the time of shipment and receive a measurable, nearly instantaneous return on investment with the iDimension PWD. The PWD is capable of measuring pallets up to six feet (1,829mm) cubed – or packages as small as 6 inches (152mm). The PWD can be unboxed, set up, and put to work in less than one day. It’s straightforward operation is what sets the PWD apart from similar devices in the market. Simply place the pallet on the floor scale and use the USB-connected display, optional bar code scanner or web browser to trigger the PWD to capture dimensions. The iDimension PWD can be loaded with a forklift or side-loaded with a pallet jack and optional access ramps. In less than two seconds, the iDimension PWD measures and provides dimensions and weight, and takes a digital picture the item with the optional high-resolution camera.

iDimension PWD Features

infrared camera for dimensions

Infrared Camera Sensors For Accurate Dimensional Scanning

The iDimension PWD System incorporates infrared camera sensors for capturing dimensional measurements. The four camera sensors performance can be increased by adding an optional 5th camera for highly reflective and IR sensitive pallet shrink wrap material, or for small protrusions located on top of freight pallets. Most surfaces are captured, but transparent, translucent, and glossy surfaces may provide a variance.

summit floor scale rice lake

Integrated Precision Weighing Instruments

The iDimension PWD dimensional scanning system is integrated with a summit 3000 floor scale with four NTEP Certified alloy steel shear-beam load cells, top access junction box, and adjustable polyurethane rubber feet. Our Summit 3000 floor scale is an economical choice for a broad range of industrial weighing tasks, with a durable low-profile deck that fits well into many material handling environments. This Legal for Trade scale also features threaded eyebolt holes for easy lifting from the center of the deck.

Cognex Dataman 370

Dimensional Scanning Data Collection Interface

Further automate capturing dimensions and weights with the iDimension PWD by incorporating data collection devices like handheld scanners and mobile computers from Zebra, Honeywell, or Cognex. Using the QubeVue desktop or iDimension SS, you can capture SKU’s, LPN’s, and other important material handling information. This information can then be imported via .csv into your ERP system, or using the web services interface can be automatically entered into your existing WMS, TMS, or ERP system. With the web services interface the dimension and weight data can be displayed with-in your existing software interface or terminal emulation application leading to faster implementation time and user familiarity with your existing software systems.

High Resolution Camera Integration

Optional network camera can be added to the iDimension PWD system. The iDimension PWD is designed to easily transfer dimensions, weight and images to a network, simplifying claims processes. Built with a web server interface, iDimension PWD offers simple integration using configurable capture definitions through HTTP requests, status checking and XML parsing. The iDimension PWD optional high-resolution camera quickly captures images of freight condition at time of shipment. Wide angle POE network color camera with 3-axis camera angle adjustment. IP24 rating. Standard 2688 x 1606 pixels @ 751kb standard output in .jpeg format. Configurable for time and date, scan ID, system serial #, dimensions and dimensional indicators

test weights

No On-Site Maintenance or Calibration Required

The iDimension PWD dimensional weighing scanner does not require expensive on-site maintenance or calibration. All essential services can be done through remote access support, with-out requiring a Walz Label and Mailing Systems technician to be on-site. This feature combined with affordable replacement parts makes the PWD one of the most cost effective systems to implement. If you require annual or quarterly calibrations, Walz Scale can provide weight kits, or we can get you in contact with a local scale dealer in your geographic location.

cab squix thermal printer

Label Printer Integration

During the data collection process using the PWD dimensional weighing system, you can also integrate with many makes and models of thermal label printers to print product details including weight, length, width, and height. Taking it a step further you can automatically apply a label using a print and apply label applicator. These labels can be used later in your material handling process to capture dimensions and weights using barcode scanners, or to trigger business decisions made by staff members.

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