Dimensional Weighing | Dim Tape
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Dim Tape


The DimTape is a low cost alternative to using a tape measure that quickly captures dimensions without error. The DimTape is a dimensioning system for packages, large pallets, and any object that can be stored, received, picked, packed and shipped. The integrated barcode scanner turns the DimTape into a wireless data collection device that performs multiple tasks at shipping and receiving stations across your enterprise. The integrated USB charging cradle also connects the DimTape via Bluetooth for wireless connectivity. DimTape is also NTEP approved for “legal for trade” use.

DimTape Features

Bluetooth Wireless Connectivity

The DimTape connects wirelessly with Bluetooth to your PC via the included USB charging cable. Connectivity to carrier provided shipping systems like UPS WorldShip and FedEx Ship Manager are provided out of the box. Adding integration to your existing warehouse management system or other multi-carrier shipping system is simple to configure without large IT expenditures.

barcode scan

Integrated Barcode Scanner

Barcode scanner technology is integrated into the DimTape for capturing measurement data. The same barcode scanner doubles as a data collection device for scanning unique ID’s like SKU’s, UPC’s, Order Numbers and LPN’s (license plate numbers). During demonstrations and customer site evaluations the DimTape is proposed as a solution to bridge the gap between the SPS dimensional systems and pallet dimensioning systems. While using the SPS for package dimensioning, the DimTape is used as a data collection device for scanning order numbers. But, when a large package is encountered that exceeds the dimensional limits of the SPS the DimTape steps in to collect the larger item dimensions.

NTEP dimensional weighing

NTEP Certification

If your organization is using dimensions and weights captured at the time of sale, then you need a NTEP certified dimensioning system and scale; OIML certification in Europe. The DimTape is NTEP approved for ‘legal for trade’ applications. The DimTape can also be run outside of NTEP mode for extremely small items and granular detail.

Battery Performance For Entire Shifts

Power is provided by a 970mAh Li-ion battery with a 2-hour recharge cycle. The duty cycle of the battery is a minimum of 8 hours with heavy usage. The DimTape can provide accurate measurement data for an entire shift of heavy usage with-out needing a charge. This freedom enables remote and delivery driver users to operate the device with-out the need to hassle with 12 volt chargers on the go. Most installations have the user cradling the device when not scanning, which allows the device to be used constantly 24/7.

test weights

No On-Site Maintenance or Calibration Required

The DimTape scanner does not require expensive on-site maintenance or calibration. All essential services can be done through remote access support, with-out requiring a Walz Label and Mailing Systems technician to be on-site. This feature combined with affordable replacement parts makes the DimTape one of the most cost effective systems to implement. The tape cartridge cassette is a consumable item, that can be replaced by the user.

zebra S4M thermal printer

Label Printer Integration

During the data collection process using the DimTape dimensional system, you can also integrate with many makes and models of thermal label printers to print product details including weight, length, width, and height. These labels can be used later in your material handling process to capture dimensions and weights using barcode scanners, or to trigger business decisions made by staff members.

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