Dimensional Weighing | Pallet & Large Freight Dimensioning
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Pallet & Large Freight Dimensioning

Pallet & Large Freight Dimensioning Systems

We offer multiple solutions for clients that demand accurate dimensional weighing and scanning measurements for pallets and large freight. Our systems provide fast, accurate dimensional measurements in the toughest of conditions. As some of the industry-leading dimensioning systems for pallet-sized operations, our systems are simple to operate and the data management functionality enables seamless integration into existing shipping and warehouse management systems.

Large Freight Dimensioning System Features


Cargo Dimensional Scanner Systems

The pallet and large freight cargo dimensioning systems utilize field proven laser scanners to achieve high accuracy dimensional data with extreme accuracy. These versatile dimensional scanning units are suitable for operations both indoors or outdoors, depending on our clients applications. These solutions are designed to help optimize the dimensional weighing and scanning needs for freight operations that need accurate dimension data on large pallets.


LTL & Pallet Dimensioning System

The Pallet Dimensioning System enables operations to accurately capture cargo dimensions and weights efficiently. Configurations are available for wall, ceiling or floor mounting to meet most every clients site needs. Dimensional and weight data are stored and transferred to existing shipping and warehouse management systems in real time.

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